Thanks for visiting my web site. I’m Shea Gibson and I write children’s stories for kids of all ages. I began writing children’s stories in early 2012 and I love it. Currently I’m working on picture books but I also have an upper middle grade I’m working on. I was highly influenced by J.K. Rowling to expand my imagination and the joy a simple picture book can bring to children. I previously wrote romance but decided to change to children’s after my daughter started getting older and interested in having books read to her. I mean, how cool would it be to have her reading one of my books















I’ve been happily married to my husband, Arthur, for over 12 years and were blessed with our daughter, Marie, who is 11 and we live in Dublin, Ohio. Arthur is a numbers genius aka he works in accounting. He also is a wonderful amateur photographer. You can find him posting works of art extracted from his camera on Instagram. Just look for gentleman traveler and see for yourself!  Marie is a very special girl with special needs. Marie is fully visually impaired and developmentally delayed but I don’t know anyone who is more independent or tries harder to achieve a simple goal every day. From learning to sit up to walking on her own to navigating around her environment with her cane, she’s the reason why I started writing children’s books and, she’s my personal hero.













I love spending time with family and I have a pretty big family. We don’t get together as often as I would like but when we do, we laugh like there’s no tomorrow and love fiercely. I have an extended family too that I include a few friends in. One friend in particular is the reason you can see this web site. Where would I be without the ultra-fabulous Lissa Beck? BFF, web tech genius, knitting wiz, my sister from another mister – she’s awesome.



Likes: You’ll catch me sleeping in until at least 7AM on most weekends and on occasion, visiting some of the great places in downtown Columbus like Kitties Cakes for a fantastic cupcake or The North Market for a variety of great things like fresh produce, fresh bakery items and an occasional flea market. Support your local businesses! I also love a good cup of tea. Not much starts my day better, other than a giggle from Marie. Action and adventure movie wise, Disney, of course and don’t forget the popcorn! I love a good taco, a good cheese burger and onions on my sausage pizza. I love to watch videos of cats, laughing babies and acts of kindness. Performing an act of kindness is pretty awesome too. My biggest like has to be the ocean. Marie’s too. The sound of the waves and the sand between her toes was the highlight of her vacation in 2015. Hearing the laughter and the biggest smile on Marie’s face was the highlight of my vacation. We plan to go back as often as we can.


Dislikes: Cooked spinach and most seafood, mean people and bullies. Traffic jams and winter weather, sick babies and law breakers. There is more but why dwell on it? There is so many beautiful things in the world that can outshine the not so beautiful things if we just look in the right place. And if it’s not right in front of us, go find it! Or make it ourselves. Why not? A simple act of kindness toward one another can bring joy to someone’s life that might not have had a reason to be joyful at all. A simple act of kindness toward the world we live in can make it a better place not only for ourselves but for others. The best way to start is with the most simple of things ever. Just smile.