Hi Everyone! I’m Shea Gibson, author of children’s books — not to be confused with my alter ego, Tabitha Gibson, author of romantic suspense.

Shea Gibson has been writing stories since she was a teenager, writing fan fiction about her favorite bands with friends, before fan fiction was even popular. The love for writing carried on into adulthood but only for fun. Having read several books that drew her into the world of magic, she totally fell in love. That’s when five misfits began to hassle her with their crazy antics, trying to get her attention. They refused to let go until she outlined their story. It took a while, but when she did, it was fast but not furious. Now that their first story is done, they aren’t letting up until each one has a chance to tell their story and save their magical world.
So, while Shea isn’t always writing, much to their chagrin, she’s busy with a day job, ruling over the laundry with an evil cackle and fawning over her family. Though she longs to hear waves rolling up on the sand of the beautiful east coast, she’s firmly planted in the suburbs of Central Ohio, cheering on the OSU Buckeyes, ever hopeful the Cleveland Browns will have a winning season. 
Speaking of seasons, Spring is her favorite, but only because it gives her a full nine months to prepare for the dreaded cold when snow and ice could blanket the ground, something she loathes. She’ll make the most of it by focusing on writing, especially to stop the misfits from plotting to spike her tea with dreaded ginger lumps and steal her favorite sugar cookies and replace them with moldy toe jam biscuits. She is, however, open to a flying pizza slice or two.