Tree Guardians and the Cave of Enchantment

  • Series: Tree Guardians , Book 2
  • Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
  • Available Formats: eBook, Paperback

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Elijah Aberdeen is still no stranger to trouble. Thankfully, he’s familiar with the detention matron and it’s not so bad anymore. Tell that to his grandmother! On second thought, don’t! 
Knowing it’s his turn to lead his friends down the next path to find the next talisman, Elijah decides to step up his game as a leader. Will he be successful? Or will he find that he’s made too many mistakes in the past to be a true leader? 

Feeling insecure, Elijah goes on his own journey in search of the confidence he has no problem showing to the world but lacks deep in his heart. He knows the guardians are depending on him to lead their next quest. He also knows the dark mist is looming, waiting for its next opportunity to create havoc. 

Time is nearly up for Elijah. With the next magical talisman needing to be returned to the tree, Elijah has no choice but to take a chance on what he’s learned. Will it be enough? More importantly, will they find the talisman and make it back in time?

This, is Elijah’s story…